Studio Beam logic board

BSSGBSSG Registered User
I want to replace the logic board, because the stepper motor for the yellow wheel has too low holding current. But obvisiously there are two types of logic boards. The one I want to replace has on the left-hand side 4 additional transistors and also the wiring seems to be not compatible. Any chance to adapt the two versions?


  • ChrisLitzChrisLitz Registered User, HES Staff
    Hello BSSG,
    Both version logic boards will work in any Studio Beam. The empty section on the new version was filled with components for solenoids that were never implemented.
  • BSSGBSSG Registered User
    Thank you for your help. But problem was still there, I replaced the motor already once from an old studio beam, which I use as a pool for spare parts. Now I took the cyan motor, and now it´s working fine.
    Two systems with the same motor problem, things can happen.
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