Hollywood Bowl LA

I'm doing a show at the Hollywood bowl next month. I am going to clone my current show into their lighting rig via the Hog4. The Iconic arches are lit with ETC SELADOR 63" 6 CELL as noted on their plan. The Hollywood bowl plan and patch info is telling me they are 3 DMX channels per unit, which I assume will be RGB ? WYSIWYG has 63" Vivid, Lustr or Pearl (3 channel warm-cool-int) Selador. Apart from the Pearl they are listed as 8 DMX channels in wysiwyg with no options to change. I have done shows here before and know the the units are color not warm / cold. Does anyone one know the exact fixtures they have, they maybe custom units or modified in some way? I would think that they are 3 channel RGB ?? in which case I could use the generic LED 3 channel fixture in wysiwyg?


  • LeggyLeggy Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited May 2018
    Last time I was there the arches were lit by Color Kinetics Cove MX Powercore, three channel RGB led.
    The Selador are ground row, on the floor.
    This was 2015.
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