Copying the contents of one cuelist to a existing cuelist

Hi, I am a volunteer at a local church and we have Hog4PC and a Nano Hoglet 4 controller. We have a dedicated cuelist to weekly services, but the songs change each week. We save all of the songs as a cuelist for each individual song. We have over 94 cuelists/songs created each with it's own cues, etc, etc.

To walk you through with our setup, we have dedicated 3 faders to our weekly services (young adults service on fader 8, student services on fader 9, and weekend services on fader 10) each fader is a set of cues as the service progresses. Each service has different songs which we have been doing the following to move them into the playlists:

Let's say that cuelist #3 is the song Amazing Grace and in the cuelist are 8 cues representing color changes and pan and tilt and effects (intro, 1st verse, Chorus, 2nd verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, ending) If we were to add Amazing Grace in our weekend service playlist on fader 10, we would do the following:
Select List 3 (Amazing Grace) Move to fader 5 (empty) Open fader 5 by double tapping choose, select Cue 1 Thru 8 Copy to List 120 (which is the weekend service on fader 10) cue 1.5 Enter. This then adds the contents of List 3 into cuelist 120 which is our weekend service cuelist on fader 10. Looking to see if there is a easier way to do this like dragging and dropping would do.

Is there a way to select the entire set of cues in a cuelist and copy them to a existing cuelist?


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    No need to move the list to a empty master.
    Try this
    List AAA cue BBB thru CCC Copy List XXX cue YYY

  • fatmatt86fatmatt86 Registered User
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