Touched values go to Zero???

SawnmitchlSawnmitchl Registered User
I have selected fixtures and then hit the "touch" button on the right hand screen on a RoadHog 4 Full Boar (3.8.0 b1577 loaded). The values for the fixtures all go to zero rather than retaining there current values. What would cause this? I am not holding the Pig or "." button or anything else. I have run the diagnostics check to see if a button was stuck but everything seems to be OK there. I have unplugged my external keyboard also with no better result. I reloaded the most recent OS with no different result.
Any help would be much appreciated. My email is


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Are you playing back any cues?
    Or do you only have parameters in the programmer?
  • SawnmitchlSawnmitchl Registered User
    It happens while editing cues and when just pulling up fixtures in the programmer. I have the feeling I inadvertently changed some during recording or maybe accessing some parameter by accident. Very baffling.
  • SawnmitchlSawnmitchl Registered User
    I did a hard reset on the DP8000 along with a forced reload of the firmware on it. It looks like this cleared my problem. I'm hoping that things remain in working order as they are now. I'll just have to remember that this is the fix the next time I have a problem.
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