DP8K internal

Hi guys about to run a larger show with about 600 RGB pixels + 200 odd fittings
Using Full size H4.
running latest version and 2 x DP8Ks 1 x black one 1 x blue one taking half the load each...
at the moment i have turned off the internal DP8ks as i know they are not real DP8ks as they run from the internal USBs

and both of the DP8ks are spitting out 16 universes of Artnet. (unicast)

i did a load test over all the fittings using the FX engine to test the DP8Ks
Rainbow effect plus pan and tilt all fanned out

but found it was the console actually capping, causing lots of Lag over any key command and in the end crashing and corrupting the show file (had a backup so no issues there).

i know i wont be going to this level of programming but just wondering if there is any thing i can do to help this
i will have another full size plus a RH4 in the network for the show but didn't for the test

the DP8ks were only at about 20% load when i did the load test that is why im think its console related
i do have some custom fixtures in the show apart from that nothing else really out of the ordinary

is there any advantage in running the internal DP8ks?? or best to keep them out of the loop..

Hognet is running in range
Artnet in range
only had pallets open no plots..



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    There is no advantage when using the inbuilt DPs.
    When did the crash occur? During playback or programming?

    I know there are issues with lagging when you jump/skip thru a cuelists.
  • jsteeljsteel Registered User
    When clearing the programmer.

    im wondering if it was due to the amount of information in the programmer at the time so may try putting it into cue stacks and try again today
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Might be. Make your that your network is all running 1Gbit. I had issues with broken networkcables causing the switch always to go from 10mbit to 100mbit to Gbit.
    Also better use unmanaged switches or switches that ar made for our industry. As several (even high level switches like Cisco) sometimes cant handle our protocols proper.
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