Effect rate back to default

I have configured the playback options (flash) with scale effect rate.

Is it any quick way to scale down the effect rate after i scaled it up. (I would rather not using Chose key since the master might not chosen for the quelist)


  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    I use batches for all my effects. 1 batch for size. 1 batch for rate. I set both flash buttons to reset to 1x (size to 1x and rate to 1x) so I can quickly reset everything that's attached to them.

  • B_WattsB_Watts Registered User, Hog Beta
    I usually set my Back button on my batch masters as "Scale EFX rate" Action "Set" "1x" under playback options
  • ChamhogChamhog Registered User

    This would go nicely under the same topic.

    e.g. I have assigned effects list (chaser, movement) to a batch master which controls effect rate. If I then remove effect list from the batch I'll encounter a problem: effects won't play back anymore. FX's just take their start point but won't run further since they have no effect rate value coming from anywhere anymore.

    So how can I get the cues to follow their original rate - that has been recorded there at first place - if I remove a list from the batch.

  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Intern

    I played around with what you explained on 3.8. My effects still worked. (tried it with both direct values and references from an effect palette)

    After removing the list from the batch, my effects did retain their adjusted effect rates. This is to be expected.

    On 3.8 the best way to restore to default values is to use the restore button, if your console has it. OR choose the list and hold period and touch the respective encoder wheels to set them to the default value. This can be done with a macro, as doing this can be difficult to do with only 2 hands. If you choose the macro route, it would be best if you hit the master choose button instead of the assigned master playback choose, that way which ever master or masters you have chosen will reset. And of course remove step one if you want to remove the recalled view. And make sure to adjust the macro step times to .01 for faster macro playback. If you have any questions, shoot me an email noah.allen@highend.com

    How often do you encounter this problem? Because if it’s a bug we would like to fix it before we release 3.9

    3.9 we have made some major improvements to playback to and control sets look forward to it mid-summer.
  • ChamhogChamhog Registered User
    Hi Noah!

    Thanks for your answer! I'll at my desk next week so I probably return to via email. This is a constant problem. the effects won't play back anymore when their list is removed from the speed batch master. Like said before, they just take their start position (eg. movement fx).

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