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:nono: i cant load a show from a usb stick is posible?


  • jankirchhoffjankirchhoff Registered User
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    not yet as the current software of the hog3 does not support usb-drives/sticks.
    FPS is working on that but it needs an upgrade of the Kernel which needs lots of testing... But the next software (1.4 which is out as hog3pc and for the IPC and that should be released for the hog3 in the next few weeks) will not yet be able to do that... as far as I know by reading a lot in this forum lately ;)

  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You can load and save shows to a USB mass storage device using the Hog iPC or Hog 3PC, but you cannot yet do this on the Wholehog 3 console.

    Jan is correct that we are working on upgrading the linux kernel to a version that offers better support of these devices, but we have not yet announced any release schedule for that functionality or any of the projects we are currently working on. Given the scope of the development and test process for upgrading the kernel, I can almost guarantee you that you will certainly not see this in the next few weeks as he indicated.
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    thx is not hurry ,is only a request of a client who have the show en usb stick
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