Changing inhibitor from cuelist/OSC

Maraner94Maraner94 Registered User
Hey all,

Is there a way for the hog to change the percentage of an inhibitor by a cuelist or osc. For example: say do to wind conditions a part of the show may not be able to work, can an outside source send a command to turn down or off and inhibitive sub so those lights won’t turn on?

I’m trying to avoid having to program the same show three times with lights at different intensities in each version.


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    You might send a trigger for a scene, that scene has a comment macro to fade a master to zero. e.g: FM10/0t2
    Fades Master 10 to 0 in 2 seconds
  • Maraner94Maraner94 Registered User
    Thank you! That worked!
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