Go +1

I would like an option to have Go +1 added.


You have 16 fixtures.
You create a cue list with 4 cues, each cue has 4 different fixtures at full and a release time of 2 sec.
Move the list to command keys and set to flash.
Set flash to + Go on flash + Release on off.
Now you can flash the cue to full intensity and have the release time fade out the cue.
At the moment, each time you press the button the same cue will run because it's being asserted by the Go because it was released.
If we had a Go +1, the next time you press the button it would move forward a cue, missing the cue that was just plated so you could play through the list having the fixtures released, providing a nice easy fade out, after each cue.

This is obviously just a very basic version of what could be done. It would be great to be able to specify the amount of cues that get jumped. It would be very handy for busking through color lists on a normal master for example, have a great big list and change the number of cues that get jumped each song to avoid repetitive color changes. Same thing for intensity and movement effects.
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