Allow Ref when copying palettes

When copying a palette, I would like it to still reference the original palette (sometimes).
For example:

Colour 1 is a Blue Mix, and also a global palette.
I would like to copy this to Colours 12, 37, and 50 (this is to enable different positions in the palette window for different views).
I would like these to be a reference, rather than a direct copy of Colour 1 so that when I change Colour 1, Colours 12, 37 and 50 also change.

It seems that the only way of doing this currently is to select a fixture, select Colour 1, then record as a Global reference palette @ Colour 12. Then repeat the process for the others which is a very time consuming way of doing it.

It would also really help a lot if Groups could finally act like palettes so the same thing could apply. I know this has been requested on numerous occasions.
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