Hog 4 not detecting Light Converse

Hello all! I'm having issues getting Light Converse to talk with Hog 4 PC on the same machine. All my settings seem to be correct as I've followed the instructions on the youtube video but Light Converse isn't detected in Hog 4. Any ideas?


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Did you install a loop-back adaptor? Any other networks active?
  • DarylnelsonDarylnelson Registered User
    hey everyone, sorry to resurrect this thread months later. I'm at a camp so I have tons of free time the next few days so I'd like to try and get this figured out if possible. I have installed a loopback adaptor as far as I know and had that as the only network option active in windows. is there any specific pics or info that would be helpful in getting this figured out? Thanks!
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