HOG4 Road Hog, OS v3.7.1 - Touch Screen Issue - Lenovo T2364t - Not working

Part Number Lenovo T2364t Screen Size: 23" PN: T2364t

USB Product and Vendor IDs
USB Input Device#1
Bus reported device description= LGD AIT Touch Controller

USB Input Device#2
Bus reported device description= LGD AIT Touch Controller

The DVI is working correctly, but the touchscreen does not work.

I followed the following steps when connecting it to the board.

To connect an external display and/or touchscreen to your console:

Power off the console.
Connect external display/touschscreen video signal cable to one of the video output connections on the back of the console. A video adapter may be required.
If using a touschscreen: connect a USB cable from the touchscreen to one of the USB ports on the console.
Turn on the console.
Press the control panel button on the start screen to open the control panel.
Select the "displays" tab of the control panel. Use the appropriate drop down menus to select a custom or preset monitor resolution for the external display and then press the apply button. You will be prompted to restart the console.
If using a touchscreen: press the first encoder wheel button while holding down the setup key on the front panel. This will start the touchscreen calibration utility.
Touch all of the calibration targets on both the internal and external touchscreen displays. When complete the console will prompt for a reboot. Once the console reboots the cursor should follow your finger on both the internal and external touchscreen displays.

Hardware IDs Checked on a Windows computer following these steps:

To obtain the USB Product and Vendor ID:

1) Connect touchscreen to a Windows Computer via USB. Connecting VGA/DVI is not necessary or required.


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Are you sure that the touchsurface of the screen is supported? There had been added a list of displays recently.
    Even if it might be on the list, there are sometimes several revisions of touchsurface used on the same monitor, which then require another listing for the HOG OS
  • niceguystudiosniceguystudios Registered User
    any ideas? v3.8.0 didn't fix it either?
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