Palette position for offset

stephlightstephlight Registered User
It could be interesting to have an option Origine (?) for palette position, that would be an identical point for all fixture, and when you call all fixtures at this positin Pan and Tilt would be equal to 0° on wheels and programmer. So when we focus to the same point other days we would automatically have offset of pan and tilt for edit fixture.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited April 2006

    Funny you should mention this.. it is in the original spec for the console and has been discussed at length in the past. I will dig up where it is logged and ensure it is still in our current system.

  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited April 2006
    My brain starts to do only one with the desk, I am on the good way! :hogsign::Eyecrazy: :dunce:
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