No AXON HD Pro thumbnails in Media Picker

alexproshakalexproshak Registered User
Hi all.

I tried to refresh media of my AXON HD Pro in HOG 4, but no thumbnails showed up in Media Picker. Opening the status gave me this:

Therefore, I don`t know if it is problem of AXON or HOG.

Axon runs firmware
HOG4: firmware 3.5.1
CITP is on in HOG and AXON, all communications are done by ARTNet, and I can control the unit correctly, just there are no thumbnails, and my user media is not displaying in Media Picker as well.
Does somebody have any idea, why it might happen?


  • maloricarrmaloricarr Registered User, HES Staff
    Hi there,

    It could be related to the software. Have you tried doing a full install on the console to 3.8.0?
    (Be sure and back up your show files if you decide to do this)

    Thank you,
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