can someone help me understand the midi options that Hog4PC allows... can you use any ETC control wings with HOG? are you forced to use only the HES wings? I would assume so but its not definite as the description says other control wings very loosely...also, touch screens, how do i connect touch screens to Hog4PC?


    in addition, can you only use iphone options or can you use any tablet or phone for remote control?
  • maloricarrmaloricarr Registered User, HES Staff
    Hi there,

    You are correct and can only use the HES Wings with Hog 4PC. And we have a list of approved touchscreens in our Hog 4 User Manual on page 56. This manual can be accessed at: https://www.highend.com/documentation/HOG4/H4_manual.pdf

    The instructions on how to connect external displays/touchscreens will be located just under this.

    As for Remote control:
    Any app that does OSC is supported. So that can also be used on android.

    Hope this helps!
    Let us know if we can answer any other questions!

    Thank you,
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