New year bug collection

djchibodjchibo Registered User
1. Fixtures disappeared from the patch
My show have changed by itself. I've been working on two PCs through the Hognet - it was no problems or alarm notes. After I have closed and reopen the Hog program on both PCs in normal way, some fixture types have disappeared spontaneously. Some of them have disappeared from the patch and their groups have become inactive. The other spots have disappeared from the patch, but their groups have been still active and selectable, the spots have been controlled - but in the patch they have been noted after selection as the other fixtures, patched in the show.

2. Server init fail
Trying to connect two PC's in Hognet I've got an alarm note "server init was failed" on one of the notebooks. I've changed the order of loading (other comp have become the first), have been connectig dmx widget to other comp. But the problem have been appearing always on the computer that joins the session. One of the notebooks have shown the alarm note and then start Hog onPC, just using the server of the main one - that have caused lags on first notebook. In vise versa setup, the other notebook, trying to join the session, just have stopped on the show loading screen with line "starting server". Both have Windows 10. Have been connected in variants: through wifi, through switch, directly by ethernet cord.

3. Timecode
Setup: Hog on PC, Timecode widget. This problem occurs usually. I make workable setup, getting LTC from sound card of other computer - everything works, timecode is reaching my cuelists. Then, some time later, after the computer with LTC stops outputting it, I have troubles with resuming LTC - the signal start to go from the sourse, my timecode widget sees the presence of LTC (the diods are lited) - but I have nothing in my onPC Hog. Only log off- log on of Hog on PC helps to input the LTC from wighet to program again.


  • djchibodjchibo Registered User
    Bug #2 " Server init fail" solved. We deactivated firewalls.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Bug #3, check you USB Timeout/energy saving options.
    Seems like the widget gets disabled after a while.
    Or use a powered USB Hub
  • djchibodjchibo Registered User
    I cheked, all usb options are ok. LTC come to widget, leds indicate that it receives signal, but software does not response to it. I have the same bug on Hog4 Full desk.
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