HOG4PC with HOG3 Hardware - OSC Question

I currently use HOG4PC with Hog3 Playback / Programmer wing.

Will OSC In/Output work with this setup?

I would like to connect physical switches via an arduino to the software to get them workingH as function keys. My idea is that the arduino works as interface: translating the hardware entry's into OSC commands.

Does HOG4 output the Function Key Label text as OSC Message?

I appreciate any comments which guide me in the right direction.




  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Yes and No
    OSC will only be enabled with HOG4 hardware for faders and encoders, but buttons will work.
    So you could map the function keys.

    Function key labels are outputted via OSC
  • georghgeorgh Registered User
    Thanks for your answer MLorenz, I will try it and leave feedback here.


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