Trying to do a simple effect...need advice

First, I’m fairly new with programming… That being said, I needed to apply an effect on the intensity value of a par can. It needed to start at 20%, fade up to 80%, HOLD for 5 seconds, fade down to 20%, HOLD for 5 seconds, and repeat.

My first thought was to apply a sine effect to the intensity. I brought the channel up, applied the effect and its values, however, I was having a problem getting the top/bottom levels to hold for the 5 seconds.

My next thought was to skip the sine effect, and record it to a cue.

Cue 1: 20%
Cue 2: 80%
Cue 2: 20%

And play around with timing…but obviously I was asked on the spot and didn’t have the time to keep playing around. Just curious to get some advice on how to accomplish this...


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    When doing an effect you need to make the base 50%, size 30%, and then play with the effect length.
    When doing cues you only need 2 cues. Cue 1 at 20%, cue 2 at 80%, set the wait time to "follow +5" this will execute the next cue 5 sec after the fade is done, no matter how long the fadetime is set to
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