Hog 3 or 4 Wings Wanted


Looking for either Hog 3 or Hog 4 Wings for Hog 4 PC.

Let me know if you have any (or similar): (?)

Hog 3 playback/programming wing
Hog 3 Rock Wing
Hog 4 Nano Wing
Hog 4 Hoglet Wing
Hog 4 Playback Wing (has a display in it)

Got a high school teaching gig this would be very helpful for...



  • redshumateredshumate Registered User
    Are you still interested? I have a hog 3 program wing and a superwidget that I am considering letting go.
  • frankiedredfrankiedred Registered User
    Hi there.
    I have a Fader wing for sale if you are still interested
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