Request: a possibility to disable pig+masterplay

Hello Highend System
Is there a possibility to add a option to disable the fire page behaviour when pig and the master playbutton are pressed together
I wasn't award of this and just made the mistake to use this combination which pretty much destroyed the show
Thanks in advance


  • mvdmeulenmvdmeulen Registered User
    I could imagine this as an option in the preference menu, or even better as a option in the user menu, so it can be enabled/disabled on userbase
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    If it will live in preferences it will be on a userbase, as preferences are per user.

    At the moment there is no option.

    But not beeing aware of it means also not knowing the settings in preferences ;)
    Guess even without having that Option it will not happen to you again

    Hope you know about Pig-Release ;-) ;-)
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