Fanning acros compund fixtures

Situation: 8x Robin Ledwash 300 mode 1(extended)

Is there a simple way to fan acros a fixture it's compunds(DOT fixtures)?
When i apply a magenta sine wave to all led wash and fan the effect it will only fan over the whole fixtures. Just like it would when using non compund fixtures.
1: 20 degrees
2: 40 degrees
3: 60 degrees

But i cant find a way to fan the effect acros the dot fixtures itself like:
1.1: 0 degrees
1.2: 20 degrees
1.3: 40 degrees

2.1: 0 degrees
2.2: 20 degrees
2.3: 40 degrees

The only way i could manage to do this is selecting all .1 fixtures and apply the offset that i want them to have like:
select all wash-> set offset @0 -> .2 enter -> set offset to 20 -> .3 enter -> set offset to 40 -> record

Is there a simpler way to fan compund fixtures? plz let me know


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