cma and windows 10

paulspauls Registered User
I recently purchased a new laptop, and can't seem to load the CMA onto it. I am running WIN 10 now.
Am I downloading the wrong version? I could not find a new one.


  • jmytykjmytyk Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    Hi PaulS,

    When you install CMA - be sure to follow the note about installing the extra software from microsoft, I think it's call WSE?

    Are you using Axon HD / HD Pro / DLHD? -- if so grab the latest CMA download off the High End website (

    I use CMA on Win10 on a daily basis, no issues...

  • paulspauls Registered User
    Thanks Jon!! I still wasn't able to download with those extensions installed, but was able to search the CMA version you listed and it worked.
  • DBI GuyDBI Guy Registered User
    Will/Does the Windows 10 Version of CMA work with the DL3 fixture still (SD Versions not newer HD)? I would think so but wondering if anyone could chime in before I may run into issues.
  • jmytykjmytyk Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    I think current CMA will speak to DL3's - so that will mean it should work with Win10. Sorry, we don't have any DL3's around the shop to test with...
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