Cuelist directory feedback information

So i have made a bunch of color effects and saved them in the Cuelist directory, I'm wondering if someone can explain what the color information on each button means, I'm talking about activating a cuelist, if it's a chase it lights up green, pretty obvious, if it's a color "chase" made with the effects engine it lights up light blue etc.
example, i have made a bunch of color "chases" with the effects engine using pallets that are made in the exact same way, they all have the same playback options, however they seem to behave differently, i can activate one and it runs, then i click on another and it runs and deactivates the previous one, but then some others run without deactivating the previous one with both buttons staying light blue, others turn the previous cue dark blue but don't turn it off, i couldn't find info in the help file as to what these colors mean, and how to get control over what they do in relation to other cues and chases.
Any help would be great,

Thanks Pig Pen.


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