Color wheel repair glue/cement?

I have several Studio Beams and Studio Colors with cracked color mixing wheels. Can anyone recommend a glue/adhesive/cement suitable to repair them?

A frequent search result is high temp silicone for oven glass but it seems too flexible for repairing the filters.

The wheels are quite expensive to replace compared to other spares so a slight visual glitch from the wheels would be ok versus the replacement cost.




  • shade4shade4 Registered User
    Ended up using the oven glass repair silicone and it's working well so far.
  • maloricarrmaloricarr Registered User, HES Staff
    Hi there,

    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. The adhesive we use is an RTV 118. But glad to hear you found a fix!

    Let us know if this ends up not working or you have any further questions!


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