Dual HTP faders...weird behavior

jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
On a corporate shoot today and I'm having some weird issues with HTP faders.
Roadhog 4 - 3.6.1
Fader Wing
1 external DP8000
USB Mouse
USB Keyboard

We have two faders (both set to HTP)
Talking - Architectural fixtures plus front/backlight information
Video - Architectural only - deep blue / half intensity (same color information as talking)

Have the talking fader up...
Director calls for video...start to push up Video fader (say...20%)
"Oops...I didn't mean video..."
Start to pull back down video fader - it now pulls ALL of the architectural fixtures down as you pull it down, even though the "Talking" fader is still up and set to HTP.
When it hits 0, it SNAPS the architectural fixtures back to their settings in "Talking."

With them set to HTP, shouldn't they stay on instead of dropping to 0 and snapping (Highest Takes Precedence)? Not sure how to get around this one.

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