Fixture builder to create a simply personality but unsuccessful

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I have a china make led ribbon got the internally chasing effect, their channel are:
4-Duration of the chasing (010101>>>>00000010000001......)
5-length of the chasing (01010101>>>>01111110111111.....)
6-Speed (Stop>>>Fast)
I copied a RGB from generic and add three more channel. but the color not working very well so that I delete all CMY feature and only use i red, i green, i blue. The color can work
But I have headache on choose the function on those three additional channel, I pick "color time" on channel 6 because this channel has to higher than "00", otherwise all the color channels will not respond because no speed. But this setting only worked the Channel 4 & 5 are "UNUSED". Anythings I try to use right there will bring up two result:
1) Channel created but cannot adjust the parameters. OR
2) Cannot adjust the parameters also effect the "color time" lose the control.
Did I missing something and what I did wrong?

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