Hog 4 Softkeys

I've been having this issue for quite some time now it happened after an update for the console, I don't recall which one it was. But the physical soft buttons on the Hog 4 stopped working and you have to press the soft key on the touch screen. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this?



  • dkayserdkayser Registered User, HES Staff
    edited September 2017
    No, that isn't expected. The software/firmware for it has not changed since release. Please open Control Panel->System Info pane and look for the entry Top Box. This is the badly named device for the buttons, tell me if it has been found. You can tell if it is available if it reports the serial number and version on the screen.

    If it isn't reporting serial number you should get in contact with support as the problem is likely hardware related.

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