Keyboard light turns on random

Hello all,

I have an issue regarding a full boar 4. At random times, after I press any key the keyboard light under the desk comes on full power. Not the whole worklight, just the right part where a keyboard would be on a hog4. This desk doesn't even have a internal keyboard!
When I press setup and turn the encoder for the worklight level, the led snaps back to the level of the rest of the worklight but after a couple of keypresses the blinding light of the keyboard section is back.
Is there anything I'm missing in any of the settings of the desk?

Thanks in advance!


  • dkayserdkayser Registered User, HES Alumni
    Hi jory,

    That is very odd behavior. It shouldn't do that on a FullBoar4. The wiring to the LED strip is the same for both Hog4 and FullBoar4, so it is possible for it to happen, just not expected. I asked if this had been seen before and no one has reported it. What version of software are you running? Can you determine if it happens after pressing Playback (flash,go,back) keys or Program (IPCB) keys or both? Or is it an external keyboard? Pig-Open-1 opens the log viewer, open it and look for messages for ConsoleLights or LightFading ( they are on by default ) and this can give me a clue how the fade starts erroneously.

    Thanks for the report.

  • joryjory Registered User

    I was finally able to get back behind the desk and recreate tye issue.
    The event in the log viewer that triggers the keyboard light is the following
    Launcher-1-0090a10d0598 GuiDisplay.Screensaver Screen saver is resetting
    The event is triggered by both programmer keys and playback keys.
    Hope this info helps, and if you need more information I will happily provide it!

    Thanks in advance

    Jory van Dorp
  • dkayserdkayser Registered User, HES Alumni
    Hi Jory, those are normal messages and do not indicate any kind of problem. I was looking for some errant actions that indicate a software problem. I can't see how software errors cause this problem. I wish I had a better answer than this. Sorry to disappoint.

    I suggest that you call support for further help.

  • hdenmanhdenman Registered User
    Jory, I'm curious if this issue has been resolved. If so what was the fix? I have the exact same issue on my FullBoar 4.

  • ejberendsenejberendsen Registered User, Hog Beta
    I have seen this happening as well recently on a full boar. A shutdown and power On fixed the problem for us and it didn't happen again........
  • LekoliteLekolite Registered User
    Happening to me on a FB4, 3.9.0 software. Will reboot at break.
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