Road Hog, getting MIDI in without widget

Currently I have a Road Hog set up to receive MIDI notes from a USB MIDI keyboard controller. This works great and I have macros set up to do various things based on the note received.

Now, I want to send MIDI notes from a computer to the Road Hog. I am using ProPresenter 6 on an iMac and it can send MIDI notes as slides are displayed. I want to sync lighting changes with slide changes in ProPresenter.

I need to get MIDI signals from the computer to the Road Hog. I asked support how to do this and was told I need the MIDI widget. I am thinking there must be a way to do it without the MIDI widget since the Road Hog is already receiving MIDI signals via USB. I just need to figure out how to connect the Road Hog to the computer. I think a USB to MIDI interface connected to the computer and then a MIDI to USB interface connected to the Road Hog will work or maybe find another MIDI keyboard controller that has MIDI ports and can pass MIDI through to the Road Hog.

Does anyone know of a way to do this without spending $1000 on the MIDI widget?
Can the Road Hog receive MIDI signals from 2 sources? (The ProPresenter computer and the keyboard controller connected at the same time)


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