Upgrade software page seems down??

MackayLDMackayLD Registered User
The validation page for updating the Axon Hd leads to a 404 error. I sent a request in to HES but haven't gotten a response. Any help?


  • jmytykjmytyk Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    thanks for this - i'll send it to the web guy to take a look at. we've had some major internal network changes lately, so it's not totally surprising there are some lingering gremlins.
  • MackayLDMackayLD Registered User
    So Hey. No word on the upgrade download page?
    I would love to upload onto my axon and put it away.
  • jmytykjmytyk Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    got word that it was fixed on Friday, but looking at it now - it's broke again. I can send you a link directly. email me at jon dot mytyk at highend dot com HD Pro and latest version? i'm guessing...

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