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Kyle98Kyle98 Registered User
Hey all,
I am brand new to the hog line of boards. I am currently using Hog 4PC. I have a general very basic question on cueing. I have a group of movers moving up and out. Once they get out (position wise) I have a que that turns then off. While this is happening I want another group of movers to flash. For the sake of argument I do not want to do this in effects. How would I cue this on a hog?
Kyle Condon


  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    Open your 'up and out' cue (Cue [number] open) and make it turn the movers off too. You can change the fade and delay times for each attribute within the same cue using the 'fade' and 'delay' buttons in the top left of the cue editor window. So for example if your up-and-out takes 10 seconds then your fade off cue takes 1 second, change the fade time on the movers intensities to 1 sec, and the delay on the intensities to 10 sec and update the cue. The movers now move up and out and then fade as 1 cue. You can now program other cues that flash your other group etc. If you play the up-and-out cue, the next cue(s) will run when you hit go, leaving the up/out/off cue running to its completion in the background. Hope this makes sense!
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