Axon 59.94 Video output

TheatreRobTheatreRob Registered User
When trying to route my Axon media through broadcast gear, such as a Ross Carbonite Producer or Crestron media distribution switch, some of it does not like the 60PFS output that seems to be the only option for the media server in the CMA. Is there a way to get the Axon to output 59.94 or drop-frame?

I can use an outboard converter and this solves every problem, but it seems kind of excessive to need one of these for every output on the Axon.


  • TheatreRobTheatreRob Registered User
    After updating the software via bootable usb stick, MOST of the problem is gone. Now, I can select the appropriate video output format and 3 of the 4 work fine.

    Now, at least one of the outputs flickers color, although the movement is smooth and the picture doesn't roll.

    I say "at least one" because I can sort of chase it down by changing the settings in the CMA and applying the new changes.
  • TheatreRobTheatreRob Registered User
    Strangeness: I now have 4 solid images, but some weird settings. Connectors 1 and 4 are set to 1920x1080 60 32 with the EDID emulation Off, Connectors 2 and 3 are set to 1920x1080 59 32 with the EDID emulation On. I don't know why this is working, but it is working for now.
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