Epsilon Wash Beam 7 8/14 channel

kml654kml654 Registered User
Does anyone have the library file for this fixture (Epsilon Wash Beam 7, 8/14 channels). The fixture library has the 7/13 channel version but not the newer 8/14 channel. The protocols appear to be vastly different from each other.

I submitted a fixture request through the normal process a couple of months ago but I have heard nothing back to date.

Any help would be great!


  • p_hancockp_hancock Registered User, Moderator, HES Staff

    Please call HES Directly and ask to speak to someone in Hog Support. They can get your information and follow up on your request. 512-836-2242

    So many times, when we send out profiles, the emails end up in people's SPAM folder. You may want to check there.
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