Using Pangolis timeline to control hogs midi scenes

Help can anyone help? I am trying to use pangolin pangoscrip  to control cues in hog 4pc.. I have tried many different midi strings with little luck ... This is what keeps coming up on hog midi window..
This is one of the scripts  I am using in pangoscript...... 
MidiOut 0x90, 0x40, 0x7F

71978390 71978390 286 Critical-1-008cfa2cc278 PB.MidiController Information critical-win32-golden.exe 5324 void __thiscall pb::MidiController::SysExHandler(const struct Hardware::Midi::Device::SysExMessage &) midicontroller.cpp 1023 MSC Received
71978390 71978390 285 Critical-1-008cfa2cc278 PB.MidiController Information critical-win32-golden.exe 5324 void __thiscall pb::MidiController::SysExHandler(const struct Hardware::Midi::Device::SysExMessage &) midicontroller.cpp 990 Received Valid Realtime Midi SysEx [Device=1]
71978390 71978390 284 Critical-1-008cfa2cc278 PB.MidiController Debug critical-win32-golden.exe 5324 void __thiscall pb::MidiController::SysExHandler(const struct Hardware::Midi::Device::SysExMessage &) midicontroller.cpp 976 SysEx Received
71978389 71978389 283 Critical-1-008cfa2cc278 PB.MidiController Information critical-win32-golden.exe Main bool __thiscall pb::MidiController::SendMSC(const unsigned char *,unsigned long) midicontroller.cpp 671 Sent MSC GO [device=1, format=1]
71978388 71978389 282 Critical-1-008cfa2cc278 PB.MidiController Information critical-win32-golden.exe 5324 void __thiscall pb::MidiController::ParseMidiNote(unsigned int) midicontroller.cpp 891 Midi Note On 64 Mapped to comment Macros: Firing comment macros 64
71978388 71978388 281 Critical-1-008cfa2cc278 PB.MidiController Information critical-win32-golden.exe 5324 void __thiscall pb::MidiController::ParseMidiNote(unsigned int) midicontroller.cpp 872 Received Midi Note# 64 ON with Velocity of 127 for Channel# 0


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Are you using any HOG4 wings with HOG4 PC
    As some Midifeatures are not available without hog4 hardware attached.

    What are you trying to trigger? Midi Notes?
  • DavidDavid Registered User
    I have a play back wing, but not using it at this time, just trying to control midi notes and or osc I am having a little more luck with osc but still not activating command .. midi window is running in window for hog 4pchog OSC RECV: '/hog/status/led/flash/1', types: 'f', args=[0f] .... I have used the string that hog has for play scene...... // hog / playback / go / 1.. ugh,,, Thanks for any help!! lol
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    OSC on HOGPC will only work if a Nano or Hoglet is attached to the computer
  • DavidDavid Registered User
    What about Midi?
  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff, Hog Beta
    Fader and encoder movements to be triggered by OSC or MIDI both require an H4 wing to be present - not an old blue wing.

    Open the log viewer (not the midi viewer) and you should see error messages to that extent. :)]
  • DavidDavid Registered User
    ugh lo,l not understanding why hog has pangolin in there fixture profile if hog 3 or 4 pc can control pangolin quick show witch is the same as beyond, beyond is an upgrade of quick show.... there should be away to control with hog pc ? .. ugh lol any help Thank you

  • DavidDavid Registered User
    I only want to trigger scenes or cues
  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff, Hog Beta
    You don't need a wing to control playback, just if you want to emulate hardware controls.

    For OSC to go scene 1 it would be /hog/playback/go/1/1
  • DavidDavid Registered User
    Ok thank u I will give it a try
  • DavidDavid Registered User
    When I input /hog/playback/go/1/1 into pangoscript messages [Error]Unknown command /hog/playback/go/1/1
    any ideas thank you!
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