Hog4 PC inside Road Hog 3 Console???

(Reposting this in the Hog 3 discussion panel as well since it pertains to both Hog4 & Hog3.)

We're thinking about getting a used Road Hog 3. Upon inspection, I noticed most everything is USB based inside, as well as everything running on a normal ATX motherboard and IDE hard drive.

Because Hog3 is a bit long in the tooth now, and the internals (while great when made) are also a bit old, we've been thinking about using the same hardware but using Hog4 PC instead running inside the console.

Has anyone looked into upgrading the PC in the Road Hog 3 series, and installing Hog4 PC on it? Would the DMX widget inside it work? Would the faders and buttons still work? Are there drivers available? I tried hooking the widget inside of it to hog4pc. Windows recognized the widget and installed the drivers, but no dice it didn't appear to work with hog4pc. The console keyboard I also hooked up to Hog4 PC via a USB adapter and didn't get anywhere either. My guess is it's not a driver that is installed with Hog4 PC.

Some might say it's a bit less reliable than perhaps the Hog 3 since it used windows embedded. Still, I'm curious if something like this would work. Anyone? Thoughts?


  • musikman88musikman88 Registered User
    Man, Give it a try....HOG on PC is free...It is after all really just a specialized computer.
  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    I'm not so sure about this, I don't think it would work as the consoles operate on a Linux system vs using Hog3/4PC. It could possibly be done, but I would be impressed if it did not require some serious modifications.

    I have however heard of people taking a Nanohog or Hoglet, and modifying it to fit PC parts. with a video output.

    I also see a lot of people getting all in one touchscreen computers. So that way they just have to carry a screen and wing.
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