Bug - Flash Button Release behaviour altered from previous releases

dandan Registered User, Hog Beta
When setting a cuelist with colour (white) & intensity (at 100%) to Go on Flash & Release on Off... with Fader behaviour set to I-Fader... and a release time of 2s (or any time).... and the fader at zero...

With another persist-on-override already sending a base colour state (red) and at full.

The bump now flashes to full in white, then, on release, drops to 0% and fades back to full with the 2s release time.

It never used to do this... as flashing an identical intensity state never changed the intensity output.

The original (correct?) behaviour is now only achieved by either having the bump fader at 100% physically...... or setting the fader behaviour to NONE (same result, but virtually).


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