Request: Intensity Palettes more accurately reflected in Output

ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
I put a fixture in an Intensity Palette (80% intensity), write a cue, put it in an HTP fader. Fader Up
Output>Show Palettes. Fixtures shows it's in the Int Palette.
Bring fader down, Output still shows its always in the Int Palette until fader reaches 0.

I feel that the output should show the Int Palette only when the fader is at 100%. At any other position, the fixture is no longer at the 80% int level.

PCB Palettes give feedback as you would expect if recorded in and IPCB fader. For example, if Fixtures recorded in Red Palette in the IPCB fader, the output won't display Red Palette until the Fader is at 100%. (Which is correct since it isn't until that point that it truly is in that Palette)

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