HOG4PC with LightConverse Net-In

Role82Role82 Registered User

I have a LightConverse Net-In Dongle and LC installed on one computer. I want to preprogram with another computer on HOG4PC. Is this configuration possible?
I tried to activate the visualiser stream, but I can't get any input to LC. I have installed the Connectivity Tool an the LC computer.

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  • ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
    there are a few things to configure. Check the manual or the video
  • elecorelecor Registered User
    Hi, I have also Net-In license dongle.
    You can connect only via ArtNet with this dongle, so you need hardware to unlock ArtNet outputs if you are using Hog4PC.
    That's the problem ((
    So you don't need any visualiser settings in Hog... Just configure ArtNet (IPs, etc...)
    You can't connect it like visualiser with this dongle
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