Internal DMX widget not detected

I have a road hog 4 and the control panel system info says the Internal DMX widget not detected.. can anyone help me with what it means and how to rectify.. is this y I'm not getting any output..


  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
    Hi Joe,
    What this means is the widget or hardware that the consoles uses to output DMX is not being seen by the console.
    It is possible that the actual USB connector that links the widget to the console has come loose or is not connected internally?
    It's not overly difficult to open a Hog console/Roadhog if you wanted to try that as a starting point and are confident enough?
    How are you trying to output DMX ? Standard 5-pin DMX direct from the console or art-net?


    Best Cormac
  • JoeJoe Registered User
    Thank you for replying, I'm using direct 5 pin dmx. I did open the console everything seems to be connected though I was in a hurry as the client required to start programming I will give it a try again tomorrow and let you know what I find . A question though, is it necessary that when you use art net the output of the console dosent work?? Can both work simultaneous?? And also even though I have gone through the art net tutorial and manual many times I still have no luck in establishing the connection is it related to the internal widget not being detected? Thanks again for replying really ....
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
    Hi Joe,
    I'll try and answer as best as I can.
    Yes you can use both art-net and the standard 04 x 5pin DMX connections from the console at the same time.
    if you are not getting any output from the art-net (fixture port) of the console this does not mean the DMX ports are not working.
    Can you check something for me please ?
    Press the setup button on the keyboard..
    Press the network soft key on the bottom of the left touchscreen
    Hi-light/select the DMX processor which is usually net 1 and then press
    settings (top left)
    Then select the DMX widgets tab
    Can you grab a screenshot or explain what you see here please.

    Then select art-net output tab.
    Can you grab a screenshot or explain what you see here.

    Thanks C
  • dkayserdkayser Registered User, HES Staff
    Have you upgraded/downgraded since the widget was last working? When you visually inspected the console were there 6 LEDs lit on the internal super widget? The widget firmware hasn't changed in quite a while, so re-affirm the connections from the widget to the motherboard are secure and not suffering from a problem.

    If your widget has failed and isn't found, the ArtNet will not work either. This would explain your failure to send ArtNet.

    If this doesn't get you going, don't hesitate to contact support.

  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
    Hi Joe, you may try a Full Install of the software. If that doesn't help there may be a fault with the DMX PCB.
  • JoeJoe Registered User
    Hi and thanks all....
    So till now I have confirmed that there is no loose connections.. I don't want to start disconnecting connection if you understand my confidence Level with that... Since I am not the only one with access not sure if any upgrades or downgrades were made I'm sure not the latter and it seems to be running on the latest version of software..
    That 6 led part I'll have to look again.
    Thanks for the pointer.
    Yes my next step would be a full install. Thanks.
    I am really hoping it's all on software side I'm so far away from physical support..
    @Mr Cormac : I haven't been able to go to store again to get those clicks will be posting them hopefully soon.

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