Fixture profile issue: Elation E Spot III Extended

The profile for the Elation E Spot LED III (extended) fixture has a couple issues:
1. Missing Frost filter
2. Gobo wheel rotation is not defined correctly, so what the fixture does is not consistent with what the Hog UI indicates.

I looked at the existing profile and it appears to be an easy fix; it should be fixed in the standard library, however, as (right now) it takes functionality away from the fixture.

Fixture DMX reference is here:
See channel 10 (Extended) for the Frost filter value and channel 7 (Extended) for the correct gobo wheel CW/CCW rotation values.




  • kbx81kbx81 Registered User
    Tonight I was at our venue and I fixed the profile (I found a couple other issues in addition to those listed above) and tested it with the fixtures. It works correctly now. Is there a way I can export and upload it for others and/or to help the folks at HES? :)

  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff

    Currently we do not have a way for the user to share fixtures profiles.
    Please provide information on what it is incorrect with the profile and we will address them.
  • kbx81kbx81 Registered User
    Alrighty, here goes:
    1. The fixture has seven gobos in addition to an open position. The profile has eight gobos defined in addition to open. This is (also) affecting usability of the gobo shake functionality as the values for each are not correct in the profile.
    2. Frost filter is missing and consequently cannot be used. In addition, Elation calls the second prism "Linear" but it's called "8-face" in the profile (although this is just a naming issue and does not affect usability).
    3. Gobo wheel clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation values are not correct in the profile.


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