Custom OSC Out via Commentmacro

Hey there,

I had mentioned that already in some chats.
Would be great if we could have an option to send OSC strings via comment-macros or like discussed with Jonathan epxand that to even more protocols.
So that we could have a "custom-command-pool" with OSC, TCP-IP, etc and trigger then one of this commands via a comment-macro.
We could expand this pool and instead of entering the HEX value for Midi we could enter there just the real note, with velocity etc or controler with value, sys-ex commands etc...
Entering HEX values is a bit 80ties ;-)


  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    We will be adding a new MIDI note comment macro that uses a simpler syntax (no hex). In terms of OSC macros, the problem is the addressing of target messages. Today there is just one external OSC address configured on the desktop. Should we treat OSC destinations as fixtures that require patching w/IP address to resolve this? Should we embed the address as part of the macro? These are all issues internally on which we have not yet reached concensus.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    I talked with Jonathan about that and I liked the idea treating an OSC sender like another fixture, same way like we treat now video-matrixes. And this fixture could handle several commands like TCP/IP, RS232, OSC etc...
    In the meantime (if this above is a longterm project) it would be great that we could do it via comment-macro, even if we would need to enter the IP adress of the external device.

    When adding the simpler syntax please also keep the option to send long midi-strings like sys-ex command etc.
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