playback bar options

When using LIST-RELEASE the cuelists on assigned playback bars are releasing when there is not a wing attached.
I can see how that would be a good thing if the playback bar is not displayed anywhere. But if it is 'docked' on the console front panel then I don't want the lists releasing.
I have not been using my wing lately and move the wing playback bar to the console screen ( I program with 2 playback bars on the main console and then move it to the wing if I opt for the wing.) Either way, I would like to be able to keep all cuelists on any given page assigned to playback bars on the console front panel from releasing on LIST-RELEASE. List release is an awesome feature for releasing lists not on the current page, virtual list etc. Does that make sense? about this: If the far right column of the wings tab on the control panel highlighted (blue) then make it so that LIST-RELEASE does not effect that playback bar.
And, as always, if anyone has a solution lay it out there...........
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