XML Support, Awesome feature, Now how do I use it?

I am so happy to see the export function. I do lots of time code'ed shows based on audio tracks, and having the ability now to prebuild my lighting cues on a spread sheet, enter all the info in will be great!

My question to the everyone is about XML support, and how to easily edit it. I did try to import it via Excel (2003) and when I try to save/export it, I have issues with the maxoccurs attribute for each xml child. Thus creating a 'De-normalized' data error.

All google, and especially bing results just send you to their 'help' page which says "Hey you have one of these 6 errors," but never explains how to fix them.


My question to the group, Do you know a way how to fix this issue? OR have a suggested program that you use to easily edit xml data, then export it into an xml file that can be imported to the hog platform?
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