Library request form on website is working???

Hi All.
I send request's for build fixture to Library Team. I recrive the confimation, I wait weeks, months and nothing.
I'm the only one ?


  • Role82Role82 Registered User
    Same here.
  • skierskier Registered User
    Same here, not good really!
  • Have any of you emailed Support to try and follow up?

  • michalmichal Registered User
    First email yesterday...
  • michalmichal Registered User
    and, no feedback ; ( Like I say.. Maybey we must change desk for new templates???
    Simple, desk.. Yes afcourse. Without fixture library for users. How I can use THIS SUPER CONSOLE without library what I need? Guys from HES please! We all buy console from Yours company. Desk with support!!! This is desk for us, not only for showing in Vegas or London!!! We are in the work!
  • I am no longer in support, but try to help where I can. Please see me the email you sent directly?

  • michalmichal Registered User
    Hi I'm not write directly to You....
    I send copies of e-mails from and to Library HES
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