Using Nano Hog4 to control Dataflash AF1000, possible?

Recently our Lightwave AF1000 mini controller fried. Sent it out for repair and it was unable to be fixed. I'm the light tech for a large club and miss having that extra effect for the dance floor.

I'm running off of a nano hog4... and heard it may be possible to control the strobes with that board. Can anyone confirm and if so, any advice for getting that set up?


  • maloricarrmaloricarr Registered User, HES Alumni
    Hi Maximillian,

    Hopefully you got these up and running. So sorry about the delay in getting you a reply.

    You should be able to just patch "Dataflash" in the fixture schedule for these.

    Let me know if you run into any issues.

    Thank you,
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