Multiple show changeover...

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Curious how people would handle this...

I ran into this over this weekend and it created a little "tension" for the change over.

House Console (RH4 / Fader Wing 4) with external DP8000 (for additional universes)
Guest Console - Full Size Hog 4 networked in as Console 2 (Client)

After the opening act, we needed to change show files to the headliner show file. But he wanted his console to be the active server (for any macros he ran so it would trigger on the proper console) with our RH4 as client (for TV levels/inhibitors/etc.)

We ended up have to do a MAJOR network changeover for the switch and here's what we ended up doing. Just curious if there is a better solution.

We had our "house/changeover" look up...
Recorded that look into our architectural system
Activated the preset on the arch system
Logged off our show
Loaded his show on the Hog4 and plugged in Artnet and Hognet
Reconfigured RH to be client and logged in
Once up and running, activated the "house/changeover" look
Turned off the arch system

But it definitely is not clean.

Is there a better solution??
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