Major 3.5.0 Bugs on Hog4PC

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Hello All,
Ive updated recently to 3.5.0 and had some troubles using Hog 4 PC and a Nano Hog.
OS: Windows 10 Home (Using a Lenovo Yoga with some good hardware).
Showfile built in past versions

After updating, the system started to get really slow and have some bugs like:

- System freezing when playing scenes or command Keys.
When I pressed a scene or command key, mostly of times it took a random delay of 1-4 seconds for it to actually play. Two times during the show the system got "stucked" not being able to play any scene or command, restarting just the Desktop didnt solve and had to close the Hog 4 and open again. What I noticed is that if I press Pig+Open+Backspace, sometimes during the "freezes" the desktop process was switching between "Running" and "Not responding".
- Freezing and delay while recalling fixtures: Sometimes when I tried to recall fixtures and apply any parameter to them, the system took a while to actually do the action. Even simple functions like "highlighting" fixtures got some delay.
- Fixtures got out of order: The fixtures got totally out of order when not patched. After Ive partially patched, to ones that were patchted got "in order" but between the ones out of order that werent patched. Pressing 301>+ for example was selecting the fixtures in the right order, even considering that they werent "visually" in order. Ive "resorted" the fixtures and they got in order.
- At some point when I pressed "List+List" to open the List Directory the system just totally freezed until the window was closed. I wasnt able to play any scene or add anything to the Commandline while it was hapenning. Pressing pig + backspace took a random (but long) time for it to close. Ive done it like 5 times and everytime it froze until I restarted the Desktop, then it stopped freezing, but got really slow.
- The Lists that were in the Main Playback seems to be "confiable", almost not freezing at all or having any troubles. Thats why I got over and done the show after the problems started.
- The Desktop Crashes got way more common. Before that I only had them when programming a lot.
Some people said they had similar problems while using Artnet Or OSC, but Ive tried disabling all of these connection functions and the problem persisted.

Ive downgraded to 3.4 and it seems to be fine now.

Thanks In Advance,


  • stephenwykerstephenwyker Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    We are seeing the same issues here. Midway through the show, the desktop got slow corrupted that even choosing different masters was taking multiple seconds. Output was fine, but any changes were taking multiple seconds. I have video of it if that helps. (We are on a Hog 4, Full Size Wing, 2 external touch screens)

    Downgrading to 3.4 tomorrow.
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    Thanks for the reports guys. We are digging into this and working to track down the issue and what might have caused it.
  • MarkvanderMeulenMarkvanderMeulen Registered User
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    Having this problem as well on a Fullboar4, no screens attached only running 3 universes on the internal DP, no time to downgrade at the moment, so any tips on having a bit better performance would be nice.
    Show is newly build in v3.5.0 build 1305 and containes a little more than 600 scenes, 100 macro's and 40 lists with about 200 cues per list

  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    Just had this start happening to me too.

    RH4 with Hog4 Fader wing attached. When I'm in my "busking" view (two full screens of the list directory), the desktop is regularly crashing. If I switch back to a regular pallette view, it works fine.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    3.5.1 with a fix is in beta. Should be available soon
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