Installing second Super Widget in Hog Nano?

I bought a Hog Nano (legacy product, I know) for Light Converse and simple show work. Also got a Super Widget to install and expand to 8 universes of control.

I was able to get the widget plugged in and wired up no problem - but when replacing it into the back of the Nano, the screw holes don't line up? Am I missing something? There is zero documentation turned up by Google search so I'm lost here.


  • mdmeyersmdmeyers Registered User
    Found this page googling the widget:

    I take it that HES sells external-only Super Widgets, and there's an expansion pack widget specifically meant for installation into the Hog Nano. Awful way to sell things since I don't see that mentioned anywhere on either product page. You'd think it wouldn't be hard to construct the boxes so that they'd all be compatible.

    Is there a workaround to getting the expansion-only SW installed? Looks like I'll have to drill new screw holes through the machined faceplate. Anyone else out there had this problem?
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