Hog 3 midi note problem

Hello All,

I have a FB3 that I am trying to get to trigger from midi notes from a keyboard, but having some trouble. I've attached some photos of what I'm having trouble with, but it seems that the console can see the signals coming in (using the MIDI viewer), but when I try and go into the settings and map the notes on that channel to do something, nothing happens.

I've searched around and nothing seems to answer this problem, so I was hoping that one of you had run into this before!

Link to photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5Y7hrbTfEEmQzBvems5Z1hvdTg?usp=sharing



  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    With midi notes, they are SPECIFIC notes to trigger things. In your picture, Channel 3, notes 55, 57, and 59 correspond to Mouse Upper Right Button (55), Mouse Lower Left Button (57) and Intensity Wheel Down (59). In your preferences, you selected Channel 3 to be "programming buttons". What buttons are you trying to trigger?
  • Salt7900Salt7900 Registered User
    Right, I see the charts in the manual. Even when following that specific mapping, it doesn't register. Likewise, when I put it into comment macro mode, the macro doesn't ever get fired, even when the notes are being recognized.
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    It's odd that the console is registering the Midi Notes but not triggering. I've never had that happen.

    I don't know if it would be any help, but this is my old Hog3 TouchOSC setup for Remote Focus work. http://housetohalf.net/iphone/iPhone.html I no longer use it or support it (I'm on Hog4 now), but maybe you can pull up the old TouchOSC templates (free editor) and see if the "note" numbers line up with what you're trying to do.
  • Salt7900Salt7900 Registered User
    Yea I'm perplexed by that as well... my next attempt is to try and take something else and fire off the midi notes and see what happens...
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