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Just did some content archive for our tour from the CMA - had an issue with a file not being able to archive (the last 8% of the archive, said an error has happened with archiving)

this really sticks when you cannot just drag N drop off the content to save on an external HD like Catalyst.

my fix was deleteing media files of the last 8% to out which one or ones did not archive properly. when this takes 45-50 minutes to archive a DL2, this sucks when you have to do this 4-5 times to find out which file will not work. sad thing is all the files played nice in the DL2. but archiving, i guess does not.

another bad feature is when you program a show, it then goes dark for a couple of months, then you want to review what content you placed with the DL2, seems you cannot view the archive without uploading into a DL2 (SUCKS!!!!!)

i wish this CMA archive could be redone to allow to drop N drag as well as view content of an archive within another view software or format.

So far as DL2 units go for programming our tour (2 weeks of slamming them with content and run thrus) the units have been GREAT. just do not like the archiving mess.



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    I agree the archive situation is less than desirable right now. There are a lot of things in the CMA that are planned for overhaul including the Archive functionality.

    You've already hit on some of the things we are planning on changing, including improving archive reliability and allowing you to mount and view/edit archives offline without having a real fixture connected just as if it was a real fixture there.

    Please send us any other wishlist items you have for the CMA as well so I can make sure to include them in the plan.
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    Thanks, Scott. I look forward to the changes. Le is really liking the new show and has even cut back rehearsals by a few days because of the DL2 working so well.
  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Wow! Good news to hear. :) Keep us up to speed how things go for you.

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